Buddy the beautiful Cavoodle

Buddy aged 8 weeks

I’ve just met my new dogshare puppy, Buddy. I will be helping to look after him on days when his owner cannot take him to work. He is a lively, cuddly and confident little pup and I fell in love with him at first sight.

A Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a toy or medium Poodle. Such dogs, weighing 4-12 kg, are said to be very affectionate, energetic and intelligent. Apparently they love human company, being prone to separation anxiety when alone; are not especially keen on food (what a contrast to my Labrador dogshare, Ireland); and are good swimmers.

Buddy is a 2nd generation cross, from two Cavoodle parents, and through the genetic lottery appears to be more Spaniel than Poodle. He looks very like a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – chestnut and white, with a “Blenheim spot” on the top of his head. According to the Wikipedia site about that breed: “The Blenheim spot is also known as the mark of the Duchess Thumb Print, based on the legend that Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, while awaiting news of her husband’s safe return from the Battle of Blenheim, pressed the head of an expecting dam with her thumb, resulting in five puppies bearing the lucky mark after news that the battle had been won.”

Buddy aged 9.5 weeks

Dogsharing involves dividing both the joys and responsibilities of dog ownership between households, in a flexible way arranged on an individual basis, for the benefit of both the humans and animals concerned. Within New Zealand, matches can be arranged through the Dogshare Collective.

5 thoughts on “Buddy the beautiful Cavoodle

  1. He’s gorgeous and the first thing I noticed was the Blenheim spot Jennifer!

    Sadly I came down with covid on Sunday and am isolating til this Sunday. My husband had a few drinks for his birthday at our local( and I think I caught it there – to late to have got it from our group on Thursday? Anyway the 7days isn’t too bad and I’ve nearly finished another painting and quite enjoying an historic novel by Belinda Alexandra set amongst a group of Russian escapees living in Shanghai.

    Enjoy Buddy, they are lovely dogs.



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    1. Lovely to hear from you Judy and I do hope you’re fully recovered soon. I certainly haven’t caught anything from Thursday’s event!


  2. How adorable! We shared our lives with a tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was with us for 15 glorious years and her happy personality and even temperament was loved by all. Buddy looks like he’s got that in spades too 🙂

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