Turning a blog into a book

Having covered quite a wide selection of topics on this blog, I decided to combine some of the posts into a short ebook.

Turning a blog into a book would be quite an easy project for a writer who had started off with that aim in mind, and planned out the topics of the posts in advance. A non-fiction example is the cookery blog which formed the basis of the book Julie and Julia, and of the film with the same name. The method can also be used for fiction, as the modern equivalent of the Victorian fashion of serialising the chapters of a novel in a magazine before publishing it as a whole. It gives the writer the option of making changes to the book as it develops, in response to comments from readers.

The contents of this blog were not planned out in advance, and if I had used one of the paid services which can handle the technical aspects of “booking a blog”, the result would have been a hopeless muddle. My posts were written in random order rather than in any logical sequence, and there was some overlap of content between them. Adapting them into a book involved a great deal more editing than I expected. But I have finished it now and I hope the resulting ebook, called Wellbeing for Writers, will be published this week.

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