In my first career I was a medical doctor in my home country of England. My clinical and research work focused on the psychiatric aspects of physical illness and in 1991 I was appointed Consultant in Psychological Medicine at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. I then developed an interest in natural approaches to healing and, after moving to my husband’s native New Zealand in 2000, qualified in the use of the Bach flower remedies. Now semi-retired, I still take a few clients, and my other interests include animal welfare and choral singing.

Both my fiction and non-fiction writing contains medical themes. My first book An Outline of Modern Psychiatry, published under my former name of Jennifer Hughes, came out in 1982 and there were four further editions. I then wrote and edited other medical books for academic publishers in the UK. Now I have become an indie author, self-publishing both novels and non-fiction books. More details can be found on my Amazon and Smashwords author pages.