Family secrets, discovery of a long-ago crime, and a rescue kitten feature in this gentle mystery novel set in Kent and Sussex. Who is the woman who claims to be Dr Harper’s “love child”? What was the true cause of his wife’s early death? As Hilda Harper researches her parents’ past lives in postwar Oxford and Swinging London’s nightclub scene, she discovers some shocking secrets but also finds new hope for her own future.

Readers’ comments:

A wonderful book which I learnt a lot from as well enjoying immensely. Andy, NZ

Both intriguing and unusual. I could hardly wait for the story to unfold as family secrets, crime and murder came to light – the ending was totally unexpected. An absorbing read. Annette, UK

Top marks for an absorbing crime and mystery story without the gory bits. Gretchen, AU

I couldn’t put it down. I was wondering about the twists and turns all the way through. I’m not a cat person and thought I was going to be put off by all the cats, but no … Jane, UK

Family tensions gradually build as hidden truths surface. The author has created a convincing sense of place and time with interesting characters in an engaging story. Recommended. Roger, US

Well done, it was superb. Great twist that you didn’t really guess. Paul, NZ

A revelatory read. Julian, UK

Loved your book. Enjoyed it right to the end (including ending). Sheila, NZ

I enjoyed it very much. The story is interesting.  The way it was told from all the characters’ personal view points made it deeper and more exciting. The twist in the story was great. Lindy, NZ

You Yet Shall Die is available from Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk and other online retailers, or can be ordered from bookshops and libraries.